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Pennsylvania House was headquartered in the heart of the Susquehanna Valley. My typical air route from our executive offices had begun with the 30 minute drive north to fly out of my hometown of Williamsport. This route was only half the drive time of management’s preferred alternative – 60 minutes south to Harrisburg, our state capitol – because the Williamsport airport was known to experience frequent fog-delays brought on due to the city’s low-lying location nested snugly within the Susquehanna River basin, among the scenic Allegheny Mountains rising all around it. Nevertheless, weather permitting, I usually opted for Williamsport as my departure point, since it afforded me the chance to swing in to say “Hi” to Mom and Dad, who lived just 5 minutes from the airstrip.

Williamsport exclusively featured USAir commuter flights to one’s choice of either (and only) Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.


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